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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The inseparable enemies!

My dear friends, before I express my sentiments and thoughts on the subject of India-Pakistan relations, I would request you all to read this piece in a neutral light. For once, don't read it from the "Pakistanis are traitors" or "Indians are evil" point of view. Thereafter, your valuable comments (in a civil parlance) will add great value to my blog.

Enemies we are, we have fought four direct wars with each other in a short span of 60 odd years and for the last two decades an indirect war is being faced by us. At the same time, inseparable we remain and why not. What's their to differentiate between us apart from the forced symbols and seeds of hatred imposed by a few scheming men in the last 65 years or so. I say 65 because the real gameplan begun sometime towards the end of the World war. We are the same race, we speak the same language and of course, we react the same way. When I say we, I mean 'we' the ordinary citizens and not our rulers and elites. With the heavy damage suffered by the British and in lieu of the promise that they had made to the Indian National Congress, it was quite evident that the Britons would leave India for good. There were a million opportunists and headed by factions, each of which thought that they were the best option to rule the nation. Ambition can often cloud wisdom and honesty. That's exactly what happened. There was the popular Hindu leader backed by the Father of the nation and then there was the Muslim leader. Both sauve and sophisticated ideologists, believing in their own right to run the nation.

The nation was a Hindu majority country and the Muslim leader realized he won't overcome the other. The only way was to wait for the second turn, but, then he probably knew his life won't afford him that much time so it had to be then and there. Well, he got his chance by becoming the premier of an exclusive Muslim nation, the land of clean hearted people. At the head of the nation lied the largest state, the paradise and the cynosure of all eyes. They were not affiliated to the secular country, nor to the Muslim nation. One saw its chance and attacked the weaker state, the other dragged itself into an eternal conflict by getting involved in the war and getting senselessly manouevered by the politicians. Kashmir is beautiful, divine and all. By design of war, infiltration or whatever, at present both the nations control almost half each. What has an average Pakistani earned from their part of Kashmir. The answer is huge bills for their army, terrorist camps and anarchy in the rest of the state. What has an average Indian earned from Kashmir? The answer is huge bills for the army, a spate of terrorism, four wars and a never ending hatred.

How may of the 1.2 billion Indians have been to Kashmir and how may of the 17 crore odd Pakistanis have been there? How will it destroy the prosperity or the peace of an average household in either of the countries if we accept whatever we have as our share and spend all this money on bettering our mainlands, if we end this hatred and start beneficial and real well meaning cooperation? No it will not hurt, it will go a long way in ensuring prosperity, but, it will very well render our mutual enemies toothless, it will negate the impact that weapons have on our psyche. Rest assured they will not let such a truce happen because the truth remains that they enjoy the status of enemies. They don't cry when people get blown to smithreens in Peshawar, they don't care when hundreds die without food in Orissa. They would be alarmed when peace initiatives take place and then only.

Foreigners have always understood this mental and emotional weakness of ours and exploited it to the hilt. Britishers did it for over two centuries, USA for another half a century and now China is there to encourage this divide in a bid to maintain its supremacy. Vested interests in both the countries will keep playing ball to the evil designs due to the luxuries and power that they get by being a part of this game. Another great tool that the war mongers have now found is the media. The media is all pervasive and omni present. At the same time, it is a human tool and is prone to misuse by power, pay or pressure. The media's business is not to showcase the calm routines and the real issues, but, to find out the spice, the potential flare ups and to optimize their visibility. Same is the deed of the politicians. They won't solve the real issues, but, they will focus on issues created by them. One faction will call the other corrupt and when faced with corruption in its own ranks will call it trivial and fake.

Is there a single sane person in both the countries who doesn't know the truth? Who doesn't know that there is absolutely no rule, no fairness and no desire to face the truth among our leaderships. Every single tool of governance has become corrupt! No political establishment, public figure can stay detached from the rhetoric. Directly or indirectly, everyone has to support some kind of dislike. It is true that we have issues and we are very much emotionally attached to these issues. I won't ever say "Give our part of Kashmir to Pakistan" and I am even more confident that a Pakistani won't say "Give our part of Kashmir to India.". However, what's the benefit in destroying our lives for something that we have never ever had?

Last, but, not the least if anybody ever believes this false notion of 'Kashmir being a key to peace between the two nations', there won't be a bigger moron than that. It is just a figure head of a dispute, cleverly chosen keeping in mind the ease with which this issue can be milked and the difficulties that will be faced in solving it. Even if for one instance Pakistan gets the Indian part of Kashmir, will it be at peace? Will the Talibanis disappear? Will their political leaders shed their corrupt ways of life? Will their army stop calling India as the long term enemy? The answer is 'NO'. If this happens then all these people will go out of business and that they won't tolerate. They would ensure that the Kashmir issue is not resolved despite making noises about willing to solve it.

The only way that peace can come to the region and we all can roam freely without worrying about evil, about a suicide bomber or a time bomb ticking somewhere, is to understand the reality and to solve the real issues rather than chasing the farcical 'K' word. First let us become capable of effectively handling what we already have and providing good lives to our huge populations, rather than worrying about what is lying in the other's plate. The above mentioned factions will not let that happen, but, there must be enough sane powers to work for it. The real public needs to alienate itself from the hardliners, the terrorists and join hands. If the masses on both sides refuse to accept/support hate campaigns, farcical issues and take a vow to work together to improve the countries, support peace and to see the reality, then only the fires burning in the sub continent extinguish. If we look for fuel, there is never going to be a lack of it!

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  1. well,...if we go even before the partion, Hindus, Muslims were living together peacefull in India...the hatered sinaro was created by the britishers, just for the sake of divide & Rule. just take the example of two cricket teams...Imagine if Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag , Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhter, Muhammad Asif Played in one team, then that team would have been unbeatable...& tht team would have even overtaken the greatest teams of all times e.g clive loyed's West Indies Team & steven waugh's Australian team. so if we combine the different talents of these two countries,...that would take us to the highest level of success. but still, by bringing peace between two countries, we can reduce defence that would provide a huge relief to our financial recources, & we can concentrate more on eliminating hunger, illiteracy, powerty, injustce etc. with that, we can also bring collaborative efforts of both Indian & Pakistani scientists, engineers, Artists etc to prosper in different fields as well. the bottom line is...It's never too late for good things to happen.