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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pre-success days!

Yes, there is a prequel to success and that often comes in the form of failure, despair and defeat. Unless you are born with a silver spoon, you will have to endure these prequels to write a great success story. Make no mistake, no inventor succeeds in creating the perfect appartus in the first attempt, no baby walks in the first attempt and often no athlete wins the top honors in the first attempt.

In fact, the probability is way too high for tremendous failures, unbearable set backs and great testing times for your faith in the supreme power, in the principle of justice and above all, in your own capabilities. The challenges are so tough, the setbacks often so severe that the strongest of the strong creatures roll like nine pins. However, it is not only the might of the adversary and the extent of difficulties that sets a person back, but, also giving up, getting distracted are the main follies.

The world, though, it looks extremely complex, in reality runs on very simple and balanced principles. We all read the proverbs like "As you sow, so shall you reap". What does that mean? A simplest explanation would tell you that it means "you will achieve results as per your actions." Then there is another proverb "You will lose, if you lose heart and you will win if your heart wants to win" and also the one quotation that Shah Rukh Khan famously used in his film "If you want something with all your sincerity, the entire universe conspires to bring it to you". These are not just statements/proverbs, but, the very fundamental principles of life.

Science has already proven that the entire world is made up of nothing, but, energy. There are positive particles and negative particles and in the same way the human mind emits positive vibes/energy and negative vibes/energy. You stay positive and calm in adverse situations and release positive energy, you will get positive results and if your stance is negative, vibes are negative then you will get negative results.

There is never a story that will achieve the true greatness unless it is created out of failure. There is never a success that will taste sweeter and more ecstatic than the one that is achieved after having endured pain and failure. A billionaire makes another billion, so what? Isn't that the normal course? A person from the street rises to make a billion. Now that's some success story and we all would want to know how he did it.

Therefore, if I see defeat today, if I am insulted today, if I am broke today, if I am injured today, all I need to do is to take stock of the situation, recollect myself and work towards my goal while carefully avoiding the past mistakes. I might be badly hurt, really broke, savagely shattered and it might take me one month to do what a normal person did in one day, but, the point is that I will do it. Once I do the initial toughest part, the next one will be slightly easier and thereafter, things will keep smoothening themselves with every new endeavor.

In this quest, whether in the moment of winning celebrations, while enjoying the grandeur of power and wealth or while enduring the harshest defeats, pain and despair, never lose touch with your human side. Earn as may blessings as you can, bring smiles on as many faces as you can, be thankful to the Lord as many times as you can be, help as many people as you can because it will all come back to benefit you.

Today's nobody can be tomorrow's superstar and though, nobody might listen to you, nobody might even read my blog, history is in the making and maybe there will be a day, not too far in the distant future when your words will be golden quotes and this blog might be a sought after message. Belive in yourself and take good care of yourself. God bless everyone and me!

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  1. BTW, if you don't make mistakes, you are on a wrong path dude!! :)